Love God and Love Our Neighbors



Our charge as the congregation of First Presbyterian Church - - - 

Believe in God’s faithfulness in the past, and

trust His promise for the future,

 always remembering His commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.  


It is our vision....that we be welcoming to everyone,  that they, too, might find a home in our  diverse community of faith --  seekers and  believers alike,  gathering in a place with the love of God and the love of our neighbors. 


It is our vision....that in gathering for worship,  knowing how much we need to keep God first in our lives, we find forgiveness, lean closer to the word of God, know the comfort of prayer, the joy of song, and feel God's grace around us all. 


It is our vision. . . . that growing spiritually be ongoing for us all.

Coming closer in fellowship through scripture, learning and prayer, we become more spiritually mature, more the people God intended us to be. 

It is our vision....that serving by sharing our hands, hearts and resources will bring, in meaningful ways, the love of God to our community and beyond. 


It is our vision....that caring for one another, through God’s grace, will lead us to love each other in a deeper, broader way, remembering we are brothers and sisters in Christ with a common calling:   to love God and love our neighbors.