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Church Leadership

"So he shepherded them according to the integrity in his heart, and guided them with his skillful hands."     -- Psalm 78:72


In the Presbyterian system of government, the Session is a body of elders elected as representatives of the congregation.  They have the responsibility and the power to provide for the worship, ministry, education, fellowship, mission, service and life of that particular church.  The session consists of the pastor and the elected elders.  Elders are those members - men and women - who have been called to serve their church.  That calling is confirmed by the process of nomination, election and ordination by the Presbytery of the church's jurisdiction.  That ordination is to the office of Elder and extends to perpetuity.  Once an elder, always an elder, whether currently on the Session or not. 


Rev. Holly K. Davis - Moderator

Ron Tingle - Clerk of Session

Rick Croskery - Building & Grounds

Melonie Gross - Personnel

Stan Briggs - Elder for Deacons' Board/Congregational Care

Pat Parker - Fellowship

Hughes Roberts - Finance

Beth Johnson - Mission

Lynn Heinrichs - Worship



Our Deacons are considered the "caring arm" of the church. The Deacons Board is a ministry to help and encourage our members with spiritual, physical and emotional needs.  Feel free to reach out in time of need.


Ruth Caldwell - Edlger for Deacons & Moderator

Lee Hutchison - Assistant Moderator

Janet Tingle - Secretary

Sylvia Lonnee - Treasurer

     Stan Briggs

     Bill Covin