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Summer Picnic

What is summer without a picnic?  Every year, usually in August, members and friends of FPCW turn out for the annual church picnic at nearby Allen's Creek Park.  On a sunny Sunday after worship, everyone brings their best covered dish, and the Hospitality Team orchestrates this happy event.  You are guaranteed to find deviled eggs, fried chicken, friendship and lots of smiles.  It is one of the year's most popular affairs and not to be missed if you are in town.   

Craft Fair

The highlight of the Fall calendar  at FPCW is definitely the annual Craft  Fair -  the second and third Saturdays in October.  Handcrafted gifts, holiday decorations, jewelry, collectibles, home decor, jams and jellies - along with stacks of baked goods - attract buyers from the tri-county area,  and proceeds become donations to local charities. 

Christmas Cheer Breakfast


The Community Christmas Cheer Breakfast has been a happy and successful fundraising event since it began in 2012.   Open to the greater Waynesville community, the event hosts many dozens of families.  They come for a scrumptious breakfast together,  Santa arrives, and there are carols with the choir.  The eggs, bacon,  pancakes (and lots of maple syrup) are served by an entire army of FPCW members the first Saturday in December. It is a wonderful kickoff to the holiday season.


Rev. Ernest Emurian, after studying  the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, wrote a play portraying what the disciples could have said and thought, after it was revealed to them by  Jesus that He was to be betrayed “by one whose hands are on this table with mine”. Churches everywhere have reenacted this play since 1953, and it has been brought to our church by our beloved pastor, Holly Davis.  It has been a tradition in her family, where even the tablecloth we used was made by Holly’s mother, 35 years ago.  The Living Last Supper is presented as part of our Maundy Thursday service during the Easter season.   View a video of our 2019 service by clicking here.