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Prayer Groups

"Prayer groups are the hotbed of miracles."  - Allan Gierran

Prayer is popular here, and First Presbyterian has four avenues of helpful prayer: 

  • Intercessory Prayer Circle,
  • Prayer Chain,
  • Prayer Corner of the Sunday bulletin,
  • Prayer Box.   

The Prayer Circle meets on Monday mornings to handle prayer requests received over the weekend from various sources, including requests left in the church's outside Prayer Box.  This locked box is located near the sidewalk that runs past the church, and is kept stocked with request cards and pens.

The Prayer Chain, in addition to the Prayer Circle, handles specific requests which are sent as received to Prayer Chain members. With more than seventeen current members, the Prayer Chain can be a powerful friend to those in need. 

The Prayer Corner of the bulletin is devoted to general requests for the congregation, friends and neighbors. 

All prayer requests go first to the Pastor, and then to the various prayer groups. 

The Prayer Circle meets each Monday at 10:30am.

Power of Prayer