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Does the church have a food pantry?

This church does not, but Grace Episcopal Church offers boxed foods daily from 10-11:00 a.m. at 349 Haywood Street, Waynesville - Rear Entrance.  Contact that office at 828-456-6029. 

Does the church offer emergency financial assistance of any kind?

FPCWaynesville donates all its local outreach funds to  community agencies who are better able to provide for these  needs as they arise.  All are within the town of Waynesville.  Points of contact should be the following:

  • Haywood Christian Ministry, 150 Branner Street - 828-456-4838
  • The Open Door Ministry, 32 Commerce Street - 828-452-3846
  • Salvation Army, 330 Pigeon Street - 828-452-9728
  • Haywood Pathways (homeless shelter & soup kitchen), 297 N. Hazelwood Street - 828-388-2207
  • Mountain Projects (help with utility bills) - 828-452-1447

Who do I contact if someone is in hospital?

Contact the church office (828-456-3243) and either Pastor Holly or someone from the Congregational Care team will follow-up.

How do I arrange a baptism, a wedding or a funeral?

Contact the Church Office and arrange an appointment with Pastor Holly to discuss the requirements and procedures for planning these services.

Who do I contact if there is a death in the family?

Contact the church office or a Congregational Care team member and Pastor Holly will follow up with the family to discuss arrangements for the service.

Who do I contact to ask about a pledge or donation?

Contact the Office Manager who can handle most questions about pledges and donations.  If there is a need the Office Manager will put the person in contact with the Church Treasurer.

How do I place flowers in the sanctuary during worship?

The Church maintains a calendar for sanctuary flowers which is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway of the Fellowship Hall.  If you would like to provide flowers for a specific Sunday, you should check the calendar and then contact Office Manager to make payment for the flowers which are supplied by the Worship Committee.  After the Sunday service, the donor may take the flowers from the sanctuary.

How do I get into the building during the week?

Normal office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays.  At other times, there is a door bell at the double door entrance to the Fellowship Hall.   Pastor Holly is often in during the afternoons and will respond to the doorbell.   If you are responsible for an event being held at the Church, contact the Office Manager to sign out a key for the facility so that you may have access during the week.    

How do I reserve church facilities?

A representative of the organization should contact the Office Manager regarding the reservation of church facilities.  A reservation form is provided and must be completed and signed by the responsible party.  In most cases, use of the facilities must be approved by the Church Session.  Once approved, the required fee, if any, must be submitted.  A few days before the event, the responsible party must sign for a key from the Church Office to gain access to the facility.  There will be instructions for the return of this key. 

How do I change my contact information or access the Church Directory?

Contact the Office Manager to make any changes and corrections to the information contained in the Directory.