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Up Up and Away

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth”.   Colossians 3:2


A couple weeks ago the Presbytery of Western North Carolina held their stated meeting at First Presbyterian Church, Gastonia.   Elder Pat Briggs volunteered to accompany me, and our pilot husbands enthusiastically offered to fly us there! It was a cold but clear day.   Van went early to prepare the plane and then Pat, Stan and I arrived like eager children ready for an adventure.  


Up, up, up the little Piper plane ascended providing a breathtaking view of our beautiful mountains.   It was fun to recognize familiar landmarks such as Lake Lure along the way.   Before we knew it, the mountains were behind us and the landscape flattened. With a visual approach, pilot Van maneuvered a smooth landing and there we were! It only took 45 minutes from Asheville to Gastonia.   And then, of course, our return flight included the added excitement of arriving safely at home in the mountains.


Do you see how flying illustrates “setting our minds on things above”?   What a difference perspective makes!   When we truly believe our promise of eternal life, then the trials and troubles of earth should never consume us.   In fact, from a “heavenly perspective” everything looks extremely small and insignificant.   This life is just a speck compared to eternity.

Are we discerning what lasts forever and then applying our hearts and minds to those things?   God purposely places us here on earth to love and serve Him as well as to love and serve one another.   Our challenge is to see as God sees and to live as eager children ready for the adventure of God’s calling.


Our destination is sure. We are safe. And we are cleared for take-off! Let’s go!  


Growing in grace,