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A Child is Born


Just a few weeks ago I traveled to Amman, Jordan for the occasion of my first grandchild’s birth. My daughter Margie went into labor just three days after I arrived, giving birth to Asher Edward Davis-Lotier on Sunday, November 11th. “GranVan” & “GranHolly” are full of joyful delight and gratitude!

It’s been a lot of years since my own children were babies, but the memories of nursing, diapers and sleepless nights came flooding back. Parents are consumed with making sure a newborn baby is well-cared for, not just for survival, but to thrive! Parents quickly learn what it means to love sacrificially.

Every Christmas season we ponder the miraculous birth of Jesus.

Why did God send his Son Jesus into the world as a helpless babe?

Could it be a living illustration of complete humility, that God came all the way down to us?

I think about Mary and Joseph with a newborn, sleep deprived and nervous about caring for a baby whom is also a Savior and King.

How do you raise the Son of God? There’s no instruction book on that! 

Caring for Jesus is “uncharted territory” and so, Mary and Joseph trust God for wisdom to navigate the unknown, one day at a time.  

Do we love Jesus sacrificially, placing His concerns before our own?                                                                           Do you ever feel like following Jesus is “uncharted territory”? 

How do you navigate the unknown?

May God bless you this Christmas and may the birth of our Savior fill you with joyful delight and gratitude!

Growing in Grace,

Pastor Holly